Ankle Surgery / Arthroscopic


For patients suffering with chronic ankle pain may be a candidate for an arthroscopic debridement procedure. This procedure is performed in the hospital or surgery center. The procedure is done through two small incisions, at which time a very small camera is placed into the joint. This enables our surgeons to evaluated the entire ankle joint through these small incisions, repair small cartilage defects and remove inflamed tissue, adhesions or debris inside the ankle. The procedure is diagnostic and therapeutic (meaning that the problem can be directly identified and treated all while inside the joint.  After the procedure, the patient will be non weight bearing for 1-2 weeks depending on the required repair.   Once the sutures are removed, full weight bearing is permitted with a walking boot.    Physical Therapy is then initiated to get our patients back in to the activities they love to do as soon as possible. 

Ankle Stabilizations

Some patients suffer from painful, unsteady ankles and feel like they are going to twist the ankle with each step.   This is usually the result of multiple ankle sprain injuries whereby, the ankle ligaments gets stretched or attenuated from repetitive injury.  This attenuation of the ligament allows the ankle to become loose or unstable.  These condition is generally improved with bracing, orthotics, and physical therapy. Surgery is sometimes required to repair and tighten the torn or attenuated ligament band. This is performed through a small and cosmetically appealing incision. Recently a new suture device (internal brace) was designed that helps our doctors better secure and reinforce this ligament which gets our athletes back to their sport sooner with less pain during the post operative course than with previous procedures.   The procedure is performed as a same day procedure at the hospital or our surgery center. After surgery, patients are casted immobilized for a few weeks and progress weight bearing by the 4th post of week depending on the severity of the condition and required repair.  Patients may take several months to return to competitive sport activities. Athletes are advised to have the procedure early in their off season.